2016 Understanding Risk Forum Exhibit

The 2010 single year poster was laid and presented next to the laser cut sculpture during the 2016 Understanding Risk Forum in Venice, Italy in May 2016. You can view the full portfolio piece here.

You may also view a short video of the Sculpture and Pablo Suarez explaining it here.

“Understanding Risk (UR) is an open and global community of nearly 6,300 experts and practitioners interested and active in disaster risk identification. UR community members share knowledge and experience, collaborate, and discuss innovation and best practice in risk assessment.

UR is the preeminent platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in identifying and assessing disaster risk.

The community convenes every two years at UR Forums – five-day events that highlight best practices, facilitate nontraditional partnerships and showcase the latest technical know-how in disaster risk identification. To learn a little more about what the UR Community is, check out a keynote from the manager of the UR Community, Simone Balog, who provided an overview at UR Boulder.” Forum website

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