Data Designing: Creating an Informative Infographic in Illustrator

I have just published my first Skillshare class! If your interested in developing simple infographics, this is a great class for you, and it is only 18 minutes!

The description and materials for the class are below. If you are interested in enrolling in the class you have two options:

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Join information designer Rhiannon Fox on her first online teaching opportunity with Skillshare! During this class you’ll learn to visualize a small amount of population data in a simple and easy to understand graphic. You will work through understanding your data, learning to tell a story, and how to use a monochromatic color scheme to maintain a visual hierarchy.

This class is inspired by the growing population of the world and the trends we may see.

– Understand the data provided (or find your own dataset)
– Develop your visual graphic through research and sketching
– Design a simple and concise infographic

Anyone who is looking to branch out into data visualization or try something new, this is the perfect opportunity to test yourself with a simple yet beautifully put together graphic!


Illustrator (with at least a basic knowledge of understanding)

Pen/Pencil & Paper


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