Year in Review: Creating a Single Page Typography Summary Infographic in Illustrator

I have just published my second Skillshare class! If your interested in developing a simple Year in Review infographic, this is a great class for you, and it is only 22 minutes!

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It’s the beginning of a new year and a lot of companies want summaries of their 2016 achievements visualized. Most of my clients are drawn to the single page infographic (also referred to as a dashboard) visualizing their year to date. These can be really fun to make!

In this class you will work through compiling your data, developing your layout by using both abstract and refined sketching, and vectoring your single page infographic. You will combine your year summary data in a concise readable way. Using only typography, simple shapes and color. You will work with lines and hierarchy to break up your information to help lead the viewer through your information.


– Understand the data provided (or find your own dataset)
– Develop your visual graphic through research and sketching
– Design a simple and concise Year in Review infographic using only typography

Anyone who is looking to branch out into data visualization or try something new, this is the perfect opportunity to test yourself with a simple yet beautifully put together graphic!


Illustrator, InDesign or Microsoft Word (Basic knowledge required)

Pen/Pencil & Paper


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